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Association for Promoting the Detection, Analysis and Generation of Fractal Time Series



Susie Vrobel Otto E. Rössler Otto van Nieuwenhuijze Dieter De Grave Franz-Günter Winker Uri Fidelman
Barry Baddock Serge Timashev Mike Luetchford Ignazio Licata Nikolaus v.Stillfried John Hiller
Kerry Welch Xiao-Yun Yang Terry Marks-Tarlow Wolfgang Steube Barbara Holstein Bärbel Grünig



The Institute for Fractal Research was founded in 1997 with the purpose of promoting the detection, analysis and generation of fractal time series.

Fractal research is to be understood as concerning both subject matter and method. The methodological approach, in particular, can be applied across all disciplines.

The detection and generation of fractal time series open up new ways of structuring time. In this connection, efforts should be made to anticipate both ethical issues and potential dangers. Research results are published in our open access journal IF PAPERS.



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